Pet and Equestrian Shop

We are a pet and equestrian store based in the heart of Stradbroke, Suffolk. 



We sell all equine feeds, Baileys, Spillers, Saracens, Honeychop, Dengie, Pure Feeds, Simple System, Agrobs, Thunderbrooks, Allen & Page, Molichop, Charnwoods, Bearts Etc. 

We specialise in natural feeds such as Agrobs, Simple System, Thunderbrooks and The pure feed company.We also sell supplements and balancers to suit your budget. 


We sell Bluefrog, Hunters, Rapasorb, Stablebed, Plain shavings, Mixed Shavings, Paper/ Cardboard Ecobed. Shavings are sold individually or discounts given for pallet loads. 


We sell Topcrop 20kg & 50kg bales. Graded to suit all types of horse. Both Rye and Meadow.

Priory Haylage in 20kg, Rye, Timothy and Meadow. 

We can also supply 100kg and 300kg bales as requested.  


We sell all smallholder & livestock feeds from Lamlac to Ewe nuts ot mix for sheep, pig, cattle, poultry, ostrich and goat. 

We sell all supplements

Brand stocks include Duffields, Forfarmers feeds, Allen & Page, Fancy Feeds, Charnwoods and Bearts